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Monday, August 16, 2010

My little brother is married!

On August 7th my little bro Peyton and his new bride Emily were wed. It seems like just yesterday that Peyton and I were building forts and jumping on the bed. Now we are both married and our conversations seem to be more about jobs and health insurance instead of name-calling and cartoons. So it is with great pleasure that this post is dedicated to the newlyweds- Mr. and Mrs. Peyton Merriam :) Enjoy some old and new pics of the happy couple.

lil P

sweet Em

the wedding day!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's all Greek to me

August has always marked the start of another school year in my life. For 16 years of my life it was me that was starting school. The year after I graduated college- it was the beginning of teaching at a school in Ethiopia. The following 2 years were the RUF internship at Mississippi State. August in Starkville, for me, meant moving in the freshmen girls, getting ready for tailgates and fun fall events, and of course- sorority rush....a different kind of Greek than I am dealing with this year.

Robert has started his first seminary class this week- Greek 1. Our friend and fellow RUF intern, Paul, is staying at our house while looking for a place to live and taking Greek with Robert. This intensive class is only 3 weeks and crams in everything you need to know to read, write, translate, and study the New Testament in its original language. Every day, they go to class from 9-12 then they study the rest of the hours in the day. I get to just enjoy Greek as a spectator. While my husband and Paul are studying- I play the part of making flashcards, quizzing the boys, cleaning/doing the dishes, chef, and overall encourager (or I try at least). I'm starting to sympathize with mothers this week. Major props to my awesome mom who cooked, cleaned up after me and the fam, and was always there- even when I wasn't. This is only the beginning of understanding I am sure! Here are some pictures of Robert and Paul during the first week of Greek.

1st day of school- they are growing up so fast!

study sessions