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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

cranberry muffin surprise!

I love packages no matter what's inside- but especially when they contain something that I love, from someone I love. Today was one of those days....I got home to see a Fed-Ex box on the front step. I'm already excited! Then, I find out it's from Nav, Robert's former boss in Starkville and one of our very best friends. He really may be the sweetest and most thoughtful person we know. Then I have to wait the agonizing 30 minutes for Robert to get home to open it.

This is what we found!!!!
a dozen cranberry muffins!!!!

this is my absolute favorite food at "the bakery" on MSU's campus. there was rarely a time that I met with someone at the bakery that did not involve this muffin accompanied by some hot coffee. this muffin encompasses all my warm and beautiful memories of being an RUF intern at State. i have already eaten 2 and am excited about eating another for breakfast!

the guy on the left is Nav. we love and miss him A LOT!

we're here....I promise

It's been over a month since our last post- sorry! A lot has happened in the last month or 2.... Here's what we've been up to!

Robert: finished and passed Greek 1 YAY! Those 3 weeks were really busy and hard but we both successfully got through it and are now stronger because of it. It sounds silly...because it doesn't seem that bad when you aren't in it....but during it you really aren't sure if you will get out alive. And I wasn't even the one taking the class! Robert is now a few weeks into his regular semester. He is taking Greek 2, Gospels, History of Christianity, and Intro to Theological Studies. He is also busy with working 2 part-time jobs.

Jessica: has finally found a job! I had a nanny position that came up in July but proceeded to fall through in August. I was applying to anything and everything and nothing was working out. Finally, I was asked to interview for a Teacher Assistant job at Dilworth Elementary and I got it! I had orientation today and will start tomorrow!

Some other highlights include- settling on a church home, yard sales and the farmer's market on Saturday mornings, Jess's trip to Starkville over Labor Day, watching FRIENDS -we started season 1 in July and are already on season 10 :), running into old friends around town, finally getting internet at our house, and enjoying our new life in Charlotte.

Here are a few pics around the house

the back of our duplex

we have a clothesline!

our view from the backdoor- the gregory's house! so fun to have friends as back-door neighbors :)

Our sink

looking out sink window- our side yard! lot's of room for frisbee and parties