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Sunday, October 30, 2011

confession of a negligent blogger

Ok, so the Akin blog has officially been abandoned for a whole year. Once I got behind it felt too overwhelming to try to catch up. It has been, to be quite honest, a hard year. And when things aren't going great, I find it harder to be open with people about life. It seems like the world of online posting- blogs, facebook, etc. can shed this unrealistic light. Everyone's life is great! I see posts about the great recipe someone tried, how marriage is awesome, pictures of "put-together houses"....it seems exhausting to keep up. Does anyone else feel this way? Anyways, I didn't feel like "pretending" on the blog but I also didn't want to be negative either....thus, the abandonment.

To be fair, I should give you a little recap on our lives over the past year...

Robert started and finished his first year of seminary! Woo hoo! Greek was his least favorite-- I've never seen him dislike something so much. He had 3 classes of Greek over the last year and we are BOTH glad that's over! There is a lot of reading and studying in seminary and that was a hard adjustment after no school work the past few years. I do not envy him at all! This year he is taking Hebrew and he likes it a lot better. He is also taking some great classes that he enjoys- Missions, Pastoral Counseling, etc. I'll let him post on his world some other time- he would do a much better job :)

During exams- poor thing!

Robert also stopped working at Dilworth Coffee and started working part-time at FedEx. He loves it! The hours can be hard sometimes- he works at night- but he gets health insurance and gets to throw boxes :) It was a huge answer to prayer that he got this job and that he enjoys working there.

I worked as a Teacher Assistant at an elementary school close-by last year. I met some really great people and loved those kids. I also froze my butt off doing cross-walk and car duty every morning and afternoon and became an expert in "lamination arts" as I like to call it :) I received a very sweet honor as Teacher Assistant of the Year for the school. I don't like to share that piece of info... but Robert made me haha. 
My parking space :)

Right now I am balancing a few small jobs and trying to figure out what's next. I've really missed being an RUF intern. I loved doing that every day and its been hard knowing I may never feel that way about a job while I'm here. 

Now that we've been here over a year and things have settled down, we are really starting to enjoy it more. Having a lot of transitions all at one time was hard. We are learning and growing everyday-- sometimes that is a painful process-- but in the end, a good one. Hope to be sharing more with ya'll this year!!